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Really like these boxes... Helen, MA 3/8/2011

I put all my produce into them and deliberately left my mushrooms in them for several days to test them out. I have always had to use my mushrooms the same day I buy them or they go off. Three days later I chopped up my mushrooms and although the outside was a bit soft and discolored, the inside was fresh! Very pleased.

Nice!... Pammer333, CA 3/11/2011

The green box bowls seem to work as advertized. I have only used the bags before with great success. I like to keep fresh produce in these - ready salad mixins - works well. I've been trying to keep healthy foods at hand and filling one with a bowl of cherry tomatoes is fabulous. The keep a long, long time. My thighs thanks you Debbie Meyer!

Love them.... lj1955, AZ 3/6/2011

I used the meal container to send dinner home with my daughter, she loved it. Perfect for leftovers to take to work for lunch, staff kept asking where did you get them etc.

Winner winner... fran920, NJ 3/5/2011

Best investment for veggies, etc.


Noticed the food stays fresh and crisp for a lot longer. This set is worth the money.

Wow... hildababy, GA 2/18/2011

Just wonderful its a must have.

Green Boxes... Aryckcee, NJ 2/12/2011

I bought these because I love strawberries and the always go bad before I finish them. First thing I did to see how good these boxes are I bought strawberries even at the price they are today. I'm happy with them should have bought these months ago.

LOVE'EM... Sandy714, NH 2/3/2011

I love my set of GreenBoxes, it is true what they say. The food lasts a looooong time. I used to have to throw my strawberries away after 3 or 4 days, now they last for 2 or 3 weeks. These containers are super!!!!!! Great investment.

Lost a lot of food????... Ryukyu, OH 2/2/2011

These will save you time and money, It has me.

Great Product... judyrb1946, FL 2/2/2011

I've used Debbie Meyer bags, but I like this containers better. I love how they keep my food fresh so much longer.

They do work!... HarvestCreek, CO 2/1/2011

This set sat in my pantry for a couple of weeks before I put them to use. I wondered if I had made the right decision by purchasing them. After I finally did tried them I was pleasantly surprised that they do work. I even put tuna salad in one and was really surprised at how fresh it kept the taste.

Love it... sallyma, PA 2/1/2011

I love this product. I don't cook everyday, and my veggies stay fresh for when I do cook.

Money Saver... evato, OR 1/30/2011

I tried these storage boxes for the first time upon their arrival because I was skeptical when I first seen Ms. Meyer talk about all the money she saved when storing food in these GreenBoxes. I stored fresh jalapeno chilis in one of the boxes and they are still green and crunchy after 4-weeks of being stored.

A Must Have for your food!... organicgirl, TX 1/30/2011

I just purchased my second set of this set which makes it my 7th set in the collection of Debbie's GreenBoxes in one month. I think the negative reviews are from those who aren't following the instructions. These boxes not only work as described, they save the hassle of extra trips to the store saving fuel, too, and what a convenience to have fresh food when you want it instead of the other way around! This product works. Keeps food neat & orderly, too. Love this product!

Love this product... lytton, MI 1/30/2011

It is unbelievable how long my fruit, vegetables and bread stay fresh in these containers. I like to buy organic, and am so glad they now last so long. They have already paid for themselves.

GreenBoxes... JenJebn, NY 1/29/2011

Just love it! It keeps the food fresh and organizes my refrigerator just beautifully. Great buy!

Fresh for weeks... lexy903, RI 1/29/2011

I put a loaf of bread into the container 3 weeks ago and it is as fresh as day one. Great product.


Our Vegetables and fruits are always looking and tasting good. Great way to preserve all those expensive produce.

GREEN IS THE WAY TO GO!!!!... jeg, FL 1/25/2011

I have had my first group of GreenBoxes over 2 years, and I use them mostly for fresh vegetables and breads. I travel during the week and home on weekends, and I come home to fresh veges after being gone all week. My loaf of bread will last for 3 weeks in the box. I have bought them for family members and they too love them.

Love it love it........... TNELM, TN 1/25/2011

Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes keep my food longer than I expected ....will buy more soon!

KEEP FOODS FRESH!!!!... Nilabri, IL 1/24/2011

When I saw this advertised on HSN they were showing how tomatoes were kept fresh for weeks by keeping them in the greenboxes. After seeing that I wanted to try them out. I ordered the set and immediately bought some tomatoes. After using one of the tomatoes I put the half tomato in the green box along with the two unused tomatoes. After about 3 weeks I used the tomatoes and they looked as fresh as the day I bought them including the one half used. I LOVE THESE BOXES!!! Thanks, Nilabri

Money saving... elba1, UT 1/22/2011

My foods have never been so fresh for so long. If you are a mom or on a tight budget you must get this product. Awesome!

15 Piece food fresh container... jtriplett, MO 1/17/2011

I just love this product, It work just like it was said too. It also is helping me to save so much money on my food bill.

Great Investment!!!... Pinklola, CA 1/11/2011

I love my GreenBoxes.... They have saved me so much money..... I recommend these boxes to all of my friends..... I will continue to purchase the different sizes... I can't do without them!!!

Big money saver!... CathrynA, MO 1/10/2011

I started with the GreenBags and was very pleased but this is my third set - somehow pieces keep disappearing and no one seems to know who has them. I have saved so much money in gas, in fresh vegatables and bread. I no longer have to make extra trips to the store during the week for fresh veggies and throw out the unused portion of previous purchased products. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. Cathie

Love this Set... CONNIEMAC36, 1/9/2011

This is my 3rd order on Debbie's GreenBoxes...This one has two big bowls that are large enough for a head of lettuce. Debbie's GreenBoxes allow me to buy 4 heads of lettuce at a time and use one a week! I first put them in her seal-tight bags and then the week I use one, I put them in her GreenBox. I go to the store ONCE a week so it is great to be able to buy enough grapes, etc and keep them fresh all week.

Perfect for our needs... flamelin, MD 1/8/2011

Love these containers and the sizes are perfect for us.

Saves me money!... CHAVELLY, WA 1/7/2011

I have used these for several months and they really work in my frig. Great for berries, peppers and other fruits. I will be trying them next on the counter top with fruit and for lettuce in the frig. So far, it has already paid for itself. I can only speak for my experiece but I just ordered additional pieces.

Green is Good... Suzy7819, MA 1/6/2011

Love the bowls/containers. EASY, EASY, EASY!

Whoo-hooo!... lesliedawn, VA 1/5/2011

I finally had a head of lettuce last more than 2 days!! it was crisp and fresh just as Debbie advertised it would be. Very satisfied.

Debbie Meyer GreenBoxes 15 Piece... aaronsgranny, 12/12/2010

A size for everything. I love fresh tomatoes in summer and these containers allow me to buy several and keep them fresh until I'm read to use them.

Wonderful product... sandman291, 9/16/2010

I use these for everything. for your lettuce put bowl in frig to chill because your lettuce is cold when you buy it, this well keep your bowl from getting moisture on the inside of it, also chill you lettuce before putting in bowl if it has gotten a little warm on the way home.

Satisfied Customer... customer8, FL 2/10/2011

I bought these with some skepticism, however, they seem to be doing a good job at making my produce last longer and stay fresher. I recommend these.

Great!... clsyjudy, WA 1/4/2011

I ordered these for my daughter-in-law for Christmas as she loves the ones I have. She loves the set & is using the divider trays to bring lunch to work. I use them when I go visiting as I have special needs for my diet.

The best of the best... Arnin, CO 11/7/2010

I do cooking on Sundays for the rest of the week and they keep my food for more than 25 days, they goo do good on the frieze also I love this product is my life saver for my stile of life

Life and money SAVER !!!... PrincessLady, CT 8/2/2010

I was sooo happily surprised to see that it works on even the most wilt-worthy vegetables like spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. Thank you!!

These Are Great... Lois447, PA 6/8/2010

I needed divided microwaveable plates to reheat my dinner, so I ordered these. They are the perfect size and store great. Not only are they microwaveable, dishwasher, refrigerator safe! I highly recommend the set.

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